P-2021-5942 Clean Room Alpha Ionizing Gun Kit, Aluminum Handle

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Item #: P-2021-8101-1

  • Ideal for clean room applications. It utilizes a 0.5 micron filter and 316 electropolished ionizing cartridge and tip.
  • Quickly and efficiently remove static  – excellent point-and-shoot operation.
  • Alpha technology – self-powered and intrinsically balanced ionization.
  • Can be use with clean, dry compressed air or other inert gases such as Nitrogen or Argon


A high-quality ionizing gun that is self-powered and intrinsically safe, while providing perfectly balance static eliminating ions.

The Staticmaster® P-2021-5942 Clean Room Ionizing Gun Kit is ideal for clean room applications and is intrinsically safe in flammable or explosive environments. The kit includes SA4 white powder-coated cast aluminum handle,  P-2021 ionizing cartridge, 0.5 micron filter and electropolished OSHA-compliant tip.

NRD’s line of Industrial Ionizing Gun Kits features ergonomic designs, rugged construction, and reliable performance. All guns are self-power by NRD’s proprietary alpha ionizing cartridge Model 2021. These high-quality guns require little or no maintenance and are intrinsically safe for use in flammable or explosive environments. From plastics and printing to packaging and auto body, there is an gun kit to suit virtually every industrial application.

This gun is ideal for clean room applications. It utilizes a 0.5 micron filter and 316 electropolished ionizing cartridge and tip.

Leasing Information. 
To maintain peak performance,  alpha ionizers sources are available on a one-year lease. The gun handle is owned by the customer. The leaseholder is notified 4 months prior to lease expiration and provided all the necessary information to obtain a replacement ionizer cell.

Replacement Ionization Cell: P-2021-5002
Filter: 0.5 Micron
Tip: 316 Electropolished OSHA Tip

Alpha Ionization Technology.

Alpha energy delivers an intrinsically balanced cloud of ions that are extremely effective in eliminating static changes, reducing product damage and yield loss in the electronics, plastics, graphics, printing and converting industries.  They are great for critical applications such as explosive environments because they do not require power and do not product sparks.

Based upon safe alpha technology, the ionizers are powered by their own internal energy source, Polonium-210. This naturally occurring isotope is locked inside a metallurgically bonded foil of gold and silver using NRD’s proprietary encapsulation process, assuring you of a safe, sealed source of alpha ionization.


Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions10 x 8 in

Point and Shoot Precision


0.7secs (30psig) at 12in.


Perfectly balanced

Power Input

Self Powered – No Power Needed.

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